KP Govt to construct three small dams in Karak, Nowshera

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PESHAWAR: The provincial government plans to build three small dams in Karak and Nowshera districts in order to generate low-cost electricity to consumers, and provide irrigation water for raising the agriculture and industrial sectors.

To support the Federal Government. efforts to address the problem of power shortage in the country, the provincial government announced the construction of the dam in the district of Karak Latambar and dams Jaroba Mairoobi and Nowshera to address the problems of load shedding, and provide cheap electricity and water for agriculture and industrial consumption.

An Officer Irrigation Department said Tuesday that APP these projects have been included in the Annual Development Programme (ADP) for fiscal year 2015-16 and begin work on it soon.

The preliminary feasibility study of these projects have been completed and the site selection process completed, he added.

The Government also include Naran dam with power generation capacity of 188MW in the Mansehra district, construction of power plants Gorband in Shangla district, NAND Bahar in Batagram, Mojigram Shagoor, Astar Rabooni, Arkari goal Chitral generate electricity ADP 206MW in 2015-16 with significant financial allocation.

Ranolia Kohistan, Mardan and Swat Machi Dararkhwar with generating capacity of 55.6 megawatts power projects would be completed in December 2015, the official said, adding work on Mardan Machi 2.6 MW and 17 MW Ranolia Kohistan is completed and they are ready for implementation, while Swat Dararkhwar with 36 MW of production capacity would begin in December this year.

Shringal small power plants in Upper Dir, Swat and Barikot Patrak Segokatch also be built to generate 171MW electricity, as well as construction of power plants 10microhydle channels and creation of a technical laboratory in the province.

The installation of tubewells run in the solar system also increase the construction of walls for protection under Balambat Lower Dir streams and lakes KP Scheme Phase II Irrigation and.

Work on improving water pounds Sheikh Canal and Civil Katha, Khesgi Lift Irrigation Scheme, rehabilitation and repair of 460 km roads in the channel banks in the province extension bridge Panyala DI Khan also initiated next fiscal year.

The KP government allocated Rs. 6.87billion in 202 survey projects irrigation sector in the next fiscal year with a 45 percent increase over the current fiscal year, the official said.

The realization of these projects not only increase production per acre agriculture but also provide raw materials to industries and generate low-cost electricity to consumers.

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