Madhurima Tuli signed for ‘The Black Prince’

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To everyone who saw the film starring Akshay Kumar film smash hit ‘Baby’, you must have definitely noticed the work of actress Madhurima Tuli, who played the wife of Akshay in the film.

Despite its small role in the film, Madhurima managed to leave his mark on the film. And now, she will be seen in the Hollywood movie “The Black Prince” starring Amanda Root, Jason Flemyng and Keith Duffy. Besides them, the cast also includes Shabana Azmi and Sartaaj Singh (who plays the title role in the film based on the life of Maharaja Duleep Singh, the last Sikh Maharaja).
Speaking about his role, Madhurima said the film will see her in the role of young Shabana Azmi and appears in flashback scenes. For the role, he had to learn to speak chaste Punjabi. In the same breath, Madhurima added that since Shabana and she will be playing the character “same”, she did not get to have a scene with her.
While ‘The Black Prince’ is being prepared for a launch worldwide this year, will be released in English and Hindi.

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