Mayweather retires unbeaten

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MANILA, Philippines: Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao lazily played with his phone saying he was “bored” while his unbeaten rivals Floyd Mayweather made boxing history on Sunday.

As Mayweather tied the record of Rocky Marciano 49-0 heavyweight by defeating Andre Berto in Las Vegas, Pacquiao knocked out of tune melody in your iPhone while lounged in bed. What I do when I’m bored. Hehe,” Pacquiao subtitled post Instagram, which received 36,000 likes in the first two hours after it was published.

World champion eight divisions and Member of Parliament of the Philippines then laughed, smiled and turned away.

Mayweather was not mentioned in the post, but the hundreds who commented on the post excavation Pacquiao saw his impetuous opponent, who has only won twice in the distance since 2007.

Pacquiao on Friday called on the sports authorities of Nevada “impose the appropriate sentence” in Mayweather for allegedly violating anti-doping rules in preparation for his fight in May.

He also called for a rematch, saying he was treated unfairly when he was not allowed to take painkillers approved by the USDA for his shoulder injury before the fight.

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