Priyanka is my friend and knows me better than any journalist: Kangana Ranaut

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Kangana Ranaut, who won the National Film Award for her performance in the 2014 film ‘Queen’, says he did not enjoy the moment as much due to irresponsible journalism.
There were reports that Kangana media after winning the award was quoted as saying that she “had to get all the awards” Priyanka Chopra won for ‘Mary Kom’ this year.
According to a report published in Hindustan Times, Kangana expressed disappointment and said. “The question was something else, but when it became public, he joined with a different analogy in some other context I have no words to describe how distraught and I have been disturbed since the statement came out. ”
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Kangana also said that immediately tried to make amends by calling Priyanka, who is in the US .. “She did not answer because of the time difference, and I could not sleep all night. When she called back, I explained everything, and she just laughed it off. She’s my friend and I know better than any journalist. It takes a lot of parenting, care and effort to maintain a healthy equation in the industry, “he said.
Priyanka Chopra had earlier tweeted and congratulated Kangana in victory.

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