PTI vows FIR against Altaf in every police station


KARACHI: To add to the troubled Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Problems party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, which has been long in finding some old scores to settle, he has filed a complaint against the police Altaf Hussain and promised to go to each Stationhouse in Karachi for the same,

Around 12:00 am. (Wednesday) PTI leader Faisal Waada reached in the police station in Darakhshan Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Phase VIII Karachi and asked police to register a First Information (FIR) against the MQM chief.

“We have never pursued any case without evidence. The MQM is guilty of extorting money spent on behalf of Zakat and Fitarah extravagant trips and other luxuries,” she said Samaa Waada showing great scrapbook containing copies of the charity of MQM Khidmat -e- Khalq Foundation (KKF) bank account statements to the media.

Waada accused the MQM of being involved in terrorism under the umbrella of politics.

“Each objective murderer claims to have received training militancy in India,” he said, adding Waada “. The policy of ‘bodies stuffed in gunny bags must come to an end”

Speaking on the occasion, the PTI leader Ali Zaidi demanded the government to declare the MQM a proscribed organization.

“I urge all Pakistani expatriates in Britain to file complaints against Altaf Hussain,” Zaidi said.

Moreover, the PTI will also move a resolution condemning against Hussain in Sindh Assembly.

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