Umrao Jaan’ director Muzaffar Ali wraps up ‘Jaanisaar’

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Filmmaker Muzaffar Ali, who gave Indian cinema cult classic “Umrao Jaan” Three decades ago, has completed work on his new costume drama “Jaanisaar” starring Pakistani player Imran Abbas Naqvi.
The film, which is set in 1877, also marks the acting debut stylist and costume designer Pernia Qureshi.
“‘Jaanisaar’ is in the period when we lost the War of Independence in 1857, a time when the British created an oppressed nation,” Muzaffar said on the last day of the session Tuesday.
“The story is about a love story in which the child is westernized and the girl is deeply rooted in the spirit of Indian culture,” he added.
The last day of the session saw the filming of a special song sequence with the main partner. Sufi song was composed by the director himself with Shafqat Ali.
“I chose lyrics on my own. The lyrics are taken from the poetry of Wajid Ali Shah and Rahi Masoom Raza. In total there are about seven or eight songs in the film,” he said 70-year-old.
The artist, who is also a fashion designer, poet, lover of music and much more, is also known for making other Bollywood films, including “Gaman” and “Anjuman”. He, however, has not gone behind the camera for more than a decade.
Asked why he decided to return to the big screen after a long gap, Muzaffar said. “I pick topics that are lessons for the country I was doing a couple of things that could not see the light of day since 10. and 15 years who was working on several scripts. Fortunately, this script caught the mind of the producer and finally made. ”
Widely they shot in Lucknow and some other cities in Uttar Pradesh, “Jaanisaar” is touted to be a family entertainer.
Imran, who made his debut in Bollywood with the 2014 movie “Creature 3D”, will look at Ameer’s role in the film.
“My role is that of a prince. He basically belongs to India, but was raised in Britain. He is sent back to Lucknow again after becoming a proper British man. Then he falls in love with this girl ( Noor played by Pernía), a courtesan, “the 32-year-old said.
Belonging to a family of Urdu speaking the dialect was not a problem for Imran in the film.
“It was not much difficult thing to enter my character because I belong to a family of Urdu-speaking. My father belongs to Uttar Pradesh. He emigrated to Pakistan after partition. I have a strong connection with Urdu and this area,” he said.
Pernia, who is also a classical dancer, also expressed his enthusiasm to work with the director.

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